Living Options

Assisted living with health care

Unfortunately, complications come with age. Our minds are clear but we can’t move the way we want to. We enjoy our food – of course - but it’s more difficult to cook. We love to shower but standing is not so easy. We need to take our medicine and to remember our injections but we forget sometimes. We need to readjust pillows to avoid but of course we forget sometimes. Situations are different, needs are different too and every person is unique. We welcome uniqueness, and respect and honour it.

The safety and comfort of your relative is permanently ensured by our:

Medical staff, including residence doctor, psychiatrist (Dementia unit), psychologist, physiotherapist and, of course, our nurses. Their task is to ensure your relative is kept in good physical shape, that all medicines are taken and that the food is nutritious and, most importantly, that our residents receive their medication as prescribed by their doctors.

Residential staff and support. Their task is to make sure that the room of your relative is clean, the bedclothes are fresh, the preventive clothing is changed, that breakfast is served to your relatives in their room… the list is endless. They are there to help your relative in any process of life when needed.