First Brick Event

At 15:00, 12th of March, 2012 on 20 Jaunpils street in Riga will be laid down the first brick of Riga, Latvia’s  premier senior residence in Baltic States. This kind of long time social care and rehabilitation institution has long time required in Latvia. It is designed for 200 bed spaces and will be realized by Joint venture of companies “Monroe” and “OPI Conseil” company Ltd “Senior Baltic”. Company model is based on experience of social care institution in France 
To the ceremony of foundation are invited Welfare Minister-Mrs Ilze Vinkele, Mayor of Riga-Mr. Nil Usakov, Board members and shareholders of company ”Monroe” - Charles and Julien Ruggieri, Paul Boban and president of company “OPI Conseil” Nicolay Koblyakov, as well as important persons from state and local institutions and private enterprises.
Construction of the residence will be conducted on private investor funds with financing from Citadele Bank. Total investment is expected to reach 5 million lats.
The building’s architectural project has been developed by company IU „J-Projekts”, and will spread across 5.600 square meters on 4 floors. Interior of project will offer wide hallways, doors with possibility to drive in with wheelchair, rails on walls and absence of stairs, only ramps with slop no more than 6%.
Project anticipates to be built with modern materials and also getting energy efficiency passport. 
General contractor of project are construction company Ltd „RCBS”.
Residence opening is planned in the middle of year 2013.
This project will lead to the creation of 120 jobs in the community, who will attend to the residents with special needs, in accordance with high standard of social, medical and rehabilitation care. Clients will be living in one or two beds apartments. Monthly fee is expected about 600 lats.
Already, the demand for long-term welfare of older people significantly exceeds supply. Studies show that by 2030 the number of people older than 80 years in Latvia will be equal to the number of preschool children.
For comparison, in France, where the demographic situation is similar to Latvia, in addition to the 3000 public institutions of this kind there are 3000 private.