Moving vs staying


 Living at our residenceLiving on your own or with the family

Social interaction / Animation

Daily animation encourages social interaction with fellow senior residents and residential staff.

Seniors who live on their own or with the family may feel lonely and become ill or depressed. This can lead to loss of interest in life and its meaning.

Medical care

Our staff mission is to make sure that senior citizens receive treatment according to the prescriptions of the senior’s doctor.

Sometimes senior citizens forget to take their medicine or take it in the wrong way. Family members are often afraid to carry out procedures such as injections.


Our staff assist the senior citizen in every part of life if necessary.

Senior resident can be dependent on the schedule of friends or family members. Very often senior citizens are ashamed to ask for help in the simple activities of life.


We make sure that the room and bathroom of your relative is clean and the bedclothes are fresh.

Cleaning their home and doing laundry can become very hard for senior citizens living on their own.


Professional staff ensure that your relative’s food is nutritious, delicious and according to dietary needs. 4 meals per day.

For some senior citizens the preparation of food can become complicated; family members sometimes have no specialist knowledge of diet and nutrition.

Emergency assistance

There is 24/7 staff presence at our residence. Each room and bathroom is equipped with alarms.

When something happens senior citizens are sometimes unable to get help in an emergency or it may be delayed as a result.


Our kinesiotherapist/physiotherapists  will take care of your relative and provide a senior-friendly activity programme to maintain health.

Lack of equipment and a helping hand can make a senior live in a  passive way with almost no physical activity.


Assistance and care provided in every aspect of life when needed.

Senior citizens can become totally dependent on family members. This can result in the loss of individuality.

Bedsore prevention

According to statistics, 95% of bedsore cases in the Baltics happen because of no preventative care. We have the knowledge and materials to prevent bedsores for recumbent seniors.

Family members do not have enough knowledge and time to deal permanently with bedsores.


The hygiene issue becomes very important in recumbent seniors or those limited in their mobility. We have the necessary materials and equipment to take care of your loved one, so your relative is always clean and hygienic.

Lack of special equipment such as lifters, baths and specific materials make it hard to keep a senior hygienic and fresh.